Office Glazing Partitions – OGP Partitioning

Office Glazing Partitions (OGP) is a brand that specialise in glass partitions, office glazing and solid wall office partitions. We provide advice on the best partitioning for your office space and At OGP Partitioning we have certain focuses when dealing with clients.


At OGP Partitioning our aims are simple:

1). Provide expert glass, glazed and solid office partition assistance.

2). Give you a way to estimate your individual scheme here and NOW.

3). Show you how partitions can be integrated into a wider office design.


OGP Partitioning works collaboratively with Ark Interiors and Officio Furniture who sit within The Strata Group brand. We work together as a team to deliver a range of glass partition services from the start to the finish of your project. Our team’s knowledge and experience ensures that you get the correct partitioning, be it, glass, glazing or solid, for your office environment. We make sure projects run smoothly, to agreed budgets and within detailed time schedules.

As part of The Strata Group, OGP Partitioning works collaboratively to design, manufacture and install UK-wide office interiors.  Partitioning is often a key part of an office interior design and fit-out.


Whatever your building type and whatever your glass or solid partition thoughts might be, OGP Partitioning has the skills to understand your business, translate your requirements and deliver outstanding results.


As long standing Office Glass Partition, Office Glazing Partition and Solid Wall Partition contractors, Using glass and glazing we have left indelible marks on the environments we have worked within, so, take a look, talktous or call on 0113 448313.