Office Glazing Partition – Estimation Calculator

Whatever your partition configuration just input the overall length. 2700mm partition height, standard doors, furniture and installation are all included.

Enter the total length required below:

Things to look out for in your office:

Floors, ceilings and walls which could add to your estimated price.

Is everything True – Level – Square?

  • lighting
  • detectors
  • air conditioning
  • sensors
  • fans
  • wall trunking
  • radiators

  • power socket
  • telephone sockets
  • data sockets
  • eternal windows
  • non standard skirting detail
  • under floor heating

  • alarms
  • uneven flooring
  • suspended ceilings
  • floor finish
  • thickness
  • location access

This estimate should be used as a guide only, to finalise an official quotation please contact us:
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